Ever since I can remember my mother would make me a Malakoff Torte for my birthday.

It all started when I turned 14 and it is still one of my favorite cakes. Sponge biscuits soaked in milk and rum, layered in an almond cream, topped with wipped cream and cherries. Its a no bake cake or lets call it raw to go with the trend.

I don’t think my mum would have used rum then but now she is quite generous with it.

At a very young age I started baking at my mother’s side in our tiny kitchen. Just to be with my mother in the kitchen was special, since she worked every day to support us. I loved mixing to see butter, sugar and eggs transforming into something magical and licking the beaters at the end. Those moments were special.

Professionally I ended up in Finance and configuring SAP but I always baked a cake on a weekly basis. Even when I was single I baked on a Saturday and ate the last slice on a Monday morning before I jumped on a plane working abroad for the week.

Having a family not just changed my jet-setting life but also let me focus on home cooked meals, nutritious bread and cakes as a treat and slipping in some veg.

Cooking or baking for me is very satisfying and joyful as I know what my family is eating to grow and flourish.

My interest in wellness, healthy everything and longevity got me to graduate as Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach in September 2020. Besides still running baking classes I established www.blueberrycoach.com helping clients to achieving health goals and manage stress.