Challah and braiding


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A Challah is an egg rich bread baked every week for the Jewish Sabbath. It comes either round or braided. In Austria, Germany and Switzerland it’s called Zopf, which is ‘Braid’ translated.
It is similar to a Brioche dough but does not consist of the huge amount of butter which makes it more difficult to braid.
We will make two different types of dough and get into braiding.
  • how to achieve the fluffiest dough
  • dough consistency for braiding
  • practising on ‘dummy’ dough or strings
  • building up your strands
  • incorporating tangzhong
  • option to make it vegan
You will go home wanting to braid everything.
Includes all your bakes, recipes, notes and light snack.
Time: 13 – 16.30